Net Yaroze Month: Gravitation

In Net Yaroze Month, we are playing every Net Yaroze game featured on the UK Official Playstation Magazine, and ranking them all in the order we liked them. You may have other opinions as to the ranking, which is awesome.

To learn more about Net Yaroze, read our introductory article here.

Gravitation was coded by James Shaughnessy, who took inspiration from the Amiga game, Gravity Force.

Controls are like Thrust – left and right rotates and the X button thrusts you forward. Triangle reverse-thrusts and O is Fire.

There are two ways to play, and both are best played with two player. Mode one is Race, where you race around a course, trying either to beat the clock or the opponent.

Dogfight mode dispenses with the race element, and the aim is to basically find the other player and shoot the hell out of them.

Once you get the hang of the controls, it’s good fun, but be prepared for a lot of crashing into walls before you do!


Shaughnessy went on to work for Codemasters. He later went on to port Gravitation to PC, Mac, Linux and Android. A sequel, Super Grav 2 is available on Steam.

Game: Gravitation
By: James Shaughnessy
Genre: Racing
Available on Euro Demo: 34, 42, 86, 92, 108

Net Yaroze Month rankings:​

It’s getting harder to rank these now. Enjoyed it a lot, probably due to my love of Gravity Force.

Tomorrow we’re doing Roller and Robot Ron.

  1. Blitter Boy
  2. Terra Incognita
  3. Super Bub Contest
  4. Decaying Orbit
  5. Psychon
  6. Haunted Maze
  7. Gravitation
  8. Katapila
  9. Tanx
  10. Bouncer 2
  11. Yaroze Rally
  12. Blockz

Still to play:

  • Roller
  • Robot Ron
  • Adventure Game
  • Between the Eyes
  • INVS
  • Video Arcade Poker
  • Opera of Destruction
  • Sphere
  • Surf Game
  • Rocks n Gems
  • Yarozians
  • PingPing
  • Game Involving Triangles
  • Pssst
  • Squeak
  • Shroud
  • Total Soccer Yaroze
  • Time Slip
  • Sam the Boulderman
  • Technical Demo
  • Pushy IIb
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Down
  • Snowball Fight
  • Arena
  • A Dog Tale
  • Mah Jongg
  • Samsaric Asymptotes
  • Hover Car Racing
  • Clone

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